If Iceland is among the finest places in the world to be a woman, why are thousands of women occurring strike today?

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An all-feminine political celebration – the Women’s Alliance – was established. More women were elected to parliament; by 1999, more than a third of MPs had been ladies.

Almost 80% of Icelandic ladies work. Thanks to obligatory quotas, nearly half of board members of listed firms are now women, while 65% of Iceland’s university college students and forty one% of MPs are female.

OK, positive, Iceland’s total female population is 320,000 – that means that there are still significantly less members of the group than members of Girls Love Travel, for instance, but the give attention to collaboration and communication stays the same. If we need to get forward, then we have to assist each other out. And that means leaving the comfort of our personal little Facebook echo-chambers and speaking to different women across the nation with different backgrounds and experiences to us. Not least as a result of, well, simply take a second to think how freaked out one third of Iceland’s male population are by that Facebook group.

She obtained the second most votes in a crowded subject of candidates, regardless of polls showing that she had 1% support some forty five days before election day. A 12 months after Tómasdóttir misplaced her race, the share of girls elected to the Icelandic parliament dropped from forty seven.6% to 38.1%.

  • When the British occupied Iceland, folks rushed to the street to watch the troopers, but when people realized that girls were especially intrigued by them, there was immediately a discussion in regards to the effects this might have and encouragement was made to attenuate communication with the seating team.
  • It doesn’t rely on an worker to prove she was discriminated towards.
  • And pink hats!
  • Except for Iceland, only in England was women’s suffrage limited by age (30) and that at a later date (1920).
  • Icelandic ladies and Icelandic ladies are awesome.
  • Of course, this work of refocusing our historic awareness and filling in the archival gaps just isn’t distinctive to Iceland.

In 1958 ladies have been only one% of all council members in Iceland. In 1957 the first woman turned mayor in Kópavogur and in 1959 in Reykjavíokay.

New parents theoretically have equal rights to parental leave but in reality, ladies take far more time away from work than males do. When couples have youngsters, they get three months each away from work and three months that they will cut up between themselves as they see fit, making whole of nine months. Heterosexual and homosexual couples have the very same rights to maternal and paternal depart. Single parents can get nine months depart if the other father or mother passes away, or in the event that they conceived via IVF or adopted. Women only account for eleven per cent of CEOs, and for companies with between 50 and 249 employees, solely 24 per cent have female chairpersons of their boards based on the Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland (FKA).

Ástandið is a term created by Icelandic men to explain the connection between the British and American troops and Icelandic girls during World War II. At one point, the number of overseas troopers in Iceland was higher than the variety of Icelandic men. Many of those international troopers took interest in Icelandic girls and women and it is estimated that 1000’s of Icelandic women married troopers. These relations between Icelandic girls and foreign settlers did not always end in Icelandic approval, and the ladies who interacted with them were accused of prostitution and betrayal of their fatherland. Facebook posts shared in Nigeria declare Iceland has a shortage of men and pays immigrants up to $5,000 to marry Icelandic ladies. When it involves gender equality, Yemen is ranked worst on the planet, and women and girls have suffered massively within the nation’s five years of combating.

In October 1975, a pretty spectacular 90 per cent of Icelandic ladies went on strike for 24 hours – refusing to go to work, complete any housework or perform any childcare from sunrise till sundown. Instead, they headed to a massive rally in Reykjavik, while all the men had been presumably left staring in bewilderment at their briefcases and their babies, and wondering whether one would match inside the opposite.

Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir; former Mayor of Reykjavíok,

Schools shut down. The nationwide airline cancelled flights for lack of flight attendants. And since ladies operated the printing presses of the Morgunbladid newspaper, they returned to work at midnight, printed the paper at half its regular dimension, and included only articles in regards to the strike. W hen ninety p.c of Icelandic ladies refused to work, and the country fell into chaos, they had succeeded.